I take a multidisciplinary approach


I’m a front-end developer and UI/UX designer with 5 years experience in agencies and freelancing. I have a strong background in graphic design as well, making rapid prototyping for UX/UI easier and faster.

I take a big picture approach to projects, using my academic background in economics, travel and skateboarding to add strategy and flare that greatly increase usability and human engagement.

to make life easier with a preference

How should we make life easier?

My goal is to products useful and engaging at an end-user level. All of the complexity should be hidden by beautiful and intelligent design.

There’s a lot of like minded people who think the same way, but maybe they can’t vizualize it or code it. If you're one of those people then feel free to drop me a mail.

for simple design.

Simple design, eh?

Less if more with design and I don't think that "wow" lasts very long. If you're gonna use it, it has to be seamless and timeless.


Web Design, Project Lead

The Diamond Lights

Web Design, Project Lead

Levi’s and Phil Evans

Logo design and web solution


Art Direction, Photography, Print

21 vs. 30

Concept, design, code

Do I Need a Fucking Jacket?

Concept, design, code