The Need

Independent clothing company Distorted Kids Social Project was looking to launch their first collection and 2015 capsule. I was asked to help launch the brand and develop a visual identity in the form of a lookbook.

The Inspiration

Inspiration for the A5 printed book came from companies like Neighborhood and Bathing Ape who print their own books for distribution in their stores.

The Execution

I shot the images in Mumbai, India over the course of three days and the food was amazing. The book was laid out with photographic essay of our trip and a product section. We had a launch party for the capsule and the book, so special editions were wrapped with party invitations and sent to the cool kids.


Web Design, Project Lead

The Diamond Lights

Web Design, Project Lead

Levi’s and Phil Evans

Logo design and web solution


Art Direction, Photography, Print

21 vs. 30

Concept, design, code

Do I Need a Fucking Jacket?

Concept, design, code