The Need

Eric Therner started The Diamond Lights in 2009 with his iconic diamond bulb design. He teamed up with Frama as a distributor and sales increased every year. The success of the design spurred imitators to produce their own version of the bulb. Eric and Frama knew they were losing market share and decided to re-brand and re-launch The Diamond Lights with two new colors and new campaign site.

The Inspiration

After Eric designed sets and shot new images for the lights, I saw an aesthetic very similar to Bang and Olufson. I knew both products had a crossover market, so I wanted to design the campaign site similar to the one-page campaign sites B&O has done in the past. To B&O and the Diamond lights, the product is more than just it’s function, there is an added layer when the product is also a piece of art. There is an elevation when showing the product in a very polished, airy context.

The Execution

After the product images were produced, the campaign site needed to be produced very quickly. was hosted on Squarespace, so while the photos where being edited, the site structure was built on a new theme with custom fonts and colors. The images were originally shot in portrait for print material, so a little photoshop magic needed to happen to make some landscape images.



Web Design, Project Lead

The Diamond Lights

Web Design, Project Lead

Levi’s and Phil Evans

Logo design and web solution

Keck School of Medicine, USC



Art Direction, Photography, Print


Packaging design

KFC Russia

Design of voting site/branding

21 vs. 30

Concept, design, code