The Need

Perfect Fools in Stockholm developed and built The MovieMatic, an all-in-one movie-making machine, for KFC Russia’s “Be A Star” Campaign. The deliverables required aside from the machine were a voting website, branding of the machine itself, and a design for the printed receipt with the custom URL for the user to see their custom video and encourage their friends to vote for them.

The Inspiration

The voting website was designed to look like an extension of KFC Russia’s YouTube channel, so users when users used the unique URL from their receipt, they would see a normal grouping of videos, but with the added function of voting. Branding for The MovieMatic was inspired by it’s own name; a retro feel, drawing from older Sony and Koss tape players.

Read more about the projoect here at The Fast Co.


Web Design, Project Lead

The Diamond Lights

Web Design, Project Lead

Levi’s and Phil Evans

Logo design and web solution

Keck School of Medicine, USC



Art Direction, Photography, Print


Packaging design

KFC Russia

Design of voting site/branding

21 vs. 30

Concept, design, code