The Need

Independent film maker Colin Heindel was releasing his first full length skateboarding feature and needed interesting packaging.

The Inspiration

The project's name is an homage to the 1991 skateboarding classic "Video Days", but updated to reflect today's oversaturation of skate media that has come with the internet and wider availability of camera equipment. Very rarely does a video get burned onto a DVD and put into a package to be picked up in a skate shop. I wanted to throw back to the good aul days of a physical VHS tapes cluttered in front of the VCR.

The Execution

I wanted the inside cover to be a VHS tape, but knew some work had to be done to adjust the dimmensions. Photos were taken of a VHS tape and digitally sliced up to be rearranged so the spool would line up with the DVD holder. The outside cover was made to look like old VHS footage to continue the theme.


Web Design, Project Lead

The Diamond Lights

Web Design, Project Lead

Levi’s and Phil Evans

Logo design and web solution

Keck School of Medicine, USC



Art Direction, Photography, Print


Packaging design

KFC Russia

Design of voting site/branding

21 vs. 30

Concept, design, code